R. Kelly's Instagram @rkelly, retrieved 1-8-2016
R. Kelly’s Instagram @rkelly, retrieved 1-8-2016

When on the topic of music and entertainment, there’s one name that definitely always surface. That’s Robert Kelly. The Pied Piper. Kells. That’s right, R.Kelly. Being in the music industry over two decades, Kelly has certainly made his mark on the world of music. Even in the midst of controversy, R.Kelly has always done one thing to perfection. That one thing is create and serve amazing music. So, here’s a countdown of R. Kelly’s 5 top music moments!

1. 12 Play: Jumping on the scene with both feet, R. Kelly made his debut with his hit album, 12 Play. Some of R. Kelly’s most popular hits were on this album including, “Your Body’s Callin’,” “Bump N’ Grind”, “It Seems Like You’re Ready”, “Sex Me part 1 &2”, and of course “12 Play.”  Selling over 8 million albums world wide, R. Kelly made a staple debut into the music industry.


2. R. Kelly’s ongoing beef with Mr. Biggs: On his second album titled, R. Kelly, Kells kicked off what seems to be a never ending run in “beef” with Isley Brothers member, Ron Isley, also known as Mr. Biggs. Starting with the single, “Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)” in 1995, “Contagious” in 2001, ending with “Busted” in 2003, R. Kelly has somehow always found his way into a love triangle between Mr. Biggs and woman. It didn’t end so well for Kells the first time around, but the last two times he got off easy. Watch the trilogy below.


3. The motivator: On his third studio album, R. Kelly decided to switch his style up from his usual sex-vibes. That’s when, “I believe I can Fly” was created.


4. The Hip-Hopera: R. Kelly has always been very creative with his talents in the music industry. He really changed the game with he created, Trapped in the Closet: The Chapters. R.Kelly was thought of as a genius when he started a story line all starting with him being trapped in a closet after a long night of cheating on his wife. Within the songs referred to as chapters, there’s a lot of twists, turns, and shockers that literally had everyone on the edge of their seats when he would drop only one or two songs per week. It was like a real series; you had to wait for the next episode.


5. BET Awards Medley Performance: This performance at the 2010 BET Awards is arguably R. Kelly’s best performance ever. Singing more than 7 minutes of his hit songs, R. Kelly either gave you nostalgia or he’s the reason behind the babies being born 9 months after this performance.


This short list doesn’t give justice to all of the work R. Kelly has put into music. Paving the way for many songs we hear today, R. Kelly is indeed one of the greatest musicians to ever step on the music scene.

Written by: Valerie Charnett


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