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The new modern family is blended and defies traditional societal norms. Sometimes, families are blended by chance and other times, they’re blended by choice. If you’re considering adoption, we’ve got answers to some of the common questions you may have.

  1. Who can adopt?

Requirements for adoption vary from state to state but don’t assume your marital status, race, income, or sexual orientation will deter agencies. Visit your agency of choice and request a list of requirements before you begin the process. You’ll be surprised to learn the process is not set aside for a specific group or class of people and the most important factor is finding the family to meet the needs of the child with the greatest need being a loving environment.

  1. What is the average cost to adopt?

On average, it costs $1,000 or less to adopt a relative or county foster/adopt child. Also, it can cost $10,000 – $30,000 for a voluntary adoption through a non-profit agency to adopt a child.

  1. Where can I find an agency to help find out more information?

You are one internet search away from finding an agency to help you on your adoption journey. If you would like to explore the foster-adopt option, consider checking out your area’s social services page. Note: social services is a government agency and will be located on your local city or county’s website or office. If you would like to explore a private means to adopt, check out local adoption lawyers or agencies to help with your search. Consider meeting with no less than three of whichever option you decide will work best for you. Come to your meeting prepared with questions, take the time to meet with a representative in-person, and make your decision based on which option works best for you! You could be in the adoption process for up to two years so, it’s alright to find someone who will work well with you.

  1. When is the time to adopt?

The best time to adopt is when your heart says it’s time! If you have the love to give a child, start the process by becoming well-versed in the requirements for your state. Don’t worry that you aren’t perfect! Any parent will tell you nothing prepares you for the trials, the tests, the lessons and the love becoming a parent will bring. If you’re looking for a list of things to evaluate or consider when considering adoption, think of your financial stability, job flexibility, living arrangements, support system, etc. All of these areas of life can have an impact of your parental efficacy and child’s quality of life.

  1. How can I adopt?

There are so many ways to adopt that it really depends on what you prefer. According to the National Adoption Center website, there are several types of adoptions: 1. Children now living in foster care – these are the children who have parents whose rights have been terminated. 2. Foster-adopt – when a child is placed in your home with the understanding that a legal adoption is highly likely to occur. 3. Infant adoption – an adoption of an infant pre- or post- birth through a third-party like a lawyer, doctor, or facilitator or 4. Independent adoption an adoption without any financial assistance that can be conducted with or without the assistance of an agency.

Remember, the more you know upfront, the better your understanding throughout the process. If adoption is an option for you, start the conversation today. Speak with your loved ones, your local offices, and agencies to learn more. There are lots of children who need the love of a family! Every day you delay is a day a child misses the love of a parent.

Written by: Tabitha Keese, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic, Founder of Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island Blog



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