Scandal cast; via @scandalabc instagram; retrieved 1-24-17
Scandal cast via @scandalabc instagram. Retrieved 1-24-17.

After the premieres during our favorite night of the week was pushed back a week, ABC’s #TGIT is coming back to television tomorrow night!

EGL fave actress Kerry Washington struts back onto our small screen after a cliffhanging season five that included an abortion, a tug of war between father and daughter, and Millie taking her stand on the road to becoming the next President of the United States.

If you remember last season, the road to the White House was a bumpy one. Olitz (Olivia and Fitz) began their relationship only to be caught up in a firestorm of negative publicity and a scandal that later led to their breakup mid season. Olivia then took on the role of campaign manager after Millie basically threatened her into helping her run.

Oh! Did we forget that Olivia also becomes a murderer after killing former Vice President and Millie’s lover Andrew Nichols after he reveals that he will tell the world that Fitz was willing to go to war for the love of his life?

Olivia also got into a tug of war battle with daddy Pope over Jake; only to take him out of daddy Pope’s hands and into hers. Jake becomes Olivia’s pawn in the presidential race; running beside Millie as her running mate.

In the season finale, Cyrus announced his run as Vargas’ running mate and the former friends are clearly now foes; attempting to take their place in the most powerful seat in the United States.

Which brings us to the season six premiere of Scandal that picks up in the midst of Election Night. There are so many questions that we need answers to: Who wins the election? Is Olivia at odds with her team of Gladiators? Are Olivia and daddy Pope working together?!?

If you need to play catch up of season five, I suggest you hop on Netflix or Hulu and do a refresher course before #TGIT premieres this Thursday night on ABC.

Watch the trailer below. Olivia is back!

Written By: Jnelle Belle

Twitter: @JnelleOnAir

Instagram: @JnelleBelle


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