Teyana Taylor [Photograph]. Retrieved from http://www.street-certified.net/2015/06/rumor-report-teyana-taylor-used-to-be.html on 1-4-15.
Teyana Taylor, Queenzflip. Youtube Screenshot
Teyana Taylor, Queenzflip. Youtube Screenshot

Want to see what happens when you prank a New Yorker? Check out what Singer/Actress Teyana Taylor does when someone tries her.

For the past few weeks, Queen’s prankster Queezflip has been going viral for his “FlipSongReaction” videos, where he reacts to some of his favorite songs. As funny as thousands of viewers think his hype and aggressive dancing to MOP’s “Ante Up” is, singer Teyana Taylor didn’t.

Like his previous videos, Queenzflip gets excited and begins irrationality dancing, grabbing and singing once the beat drops. But when he tries this with Teyana, the look on her face as he ripped her shirt let us know she was not with the games. Taylor continuously punched Queenzflip as she yells out “I ain’t playing with you.”

Teyana Taylor is usually one to joke and participate with pranks, but she and her fiancé Iman Shumpert informed Queenzflip not to pull any funny business.

Taylor apologized for busting Queenzflip lip during her reaction, so we’re sure there are no hard feelings. But we bet he will think twice before he pranks her again.

So this fool @iamqueenzflip was supposed to take me to my hair appointment, mind you!! (My fiancé and I WARNED HIM ) not the pull none of his crazy pranks or shenanigans when I got in the car, he promised he WOULDN’T but he did anyway smh and this was the outcome. I love you to death flip but u play toOooooo f-ckin much. I’m a mother & I don’t have time for ur childish games!!! I don’t play when it comes to my hair and my kid.  oh and I’m#sorryNOTsorry about ur lip.”

Watch the prank below!

Written by: Nicquana Tashea


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