Teyana Taylor on “Touch Me", Teyana Taylor’s Instagram via @teyanataylor, retrieved 2-10-16
retrieved via tumblr @rapwave on 2-11-16.
retrieved via tumblr @rapwave on 2-11-16.

 Teyana Taylor just gave birth to her daughter less than two months ago and she’s getting right back to work. With a tour on the horizon, the newly engaged singer is showing off her baby snapback in her video “Touch Me,” from her 90s inspired mixtape The Cassette Tape 1994, which was dropped last year.

The newly minted mom is definitely letting folks know that she can make it hot in her very sensual visuals. In the video, Teyana and her dancers are styling in army fatigues from her upcoming “Dirty Sweat” clothing line while grinding up against the wall, doing sexy chair dances with explosive war imagery in the background.

“Come f**k me, baby/Want you to feel me,” Teyana serenades as she sways her hips side to side showing off those 6 pack abs to go along with a post baby body that slays!

And if you think you hear the Goddess Grace Jones in the beginning of the video…you’re not mistaken. Miss Jones graces us with her infamous line from the 1992 film Boomerang with Eddie Murphy.

In case you needed a refresher, here’s the clip:

Touch Me Video:

And here’s the full video of “Touch Me.” We may have our young Janet Jackson of the ‘10s happening with Teyana.

Ms. Teyana Taylor plans to hit the road for her upcoming “Unplugged Tour,” as of now shows are scheduled for Dallas, New York, Houston and LA. But don’t worry more dates will be announced soon.

By Jnelle Belle


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