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This is a weekly staple affording our readers the opportunity to share their personal testimony regarding abuse, violence, disease,  family, happiness,  faith, jail time, obesity, and/or mistakes made in their youth,  just to name a few. Let your testimony be a blessing to someone else attempting to overcome a particular avenue in life. 

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life, while lemonade is a sweet drink.” – Wikipedia

That’s wiki’s definition of a common phrase used to uplift people’s spirit, and encourage a take charge attitude when difficulty consumes us. If I knew 2015 would be the toughest year I’d ever experience, I would have made this my daily mantra to get me through from the start. The previous year was such a strong year for me because I was on top of my game. I was working two jobs, had a functioning vehicle and attended college majoring in Communication Design. Although life seemed so golden, I didn’t expect the following year to be filled with loss and disappointment. What seemed like a procession of bad luck I couldn’t catch a break.

I lost both my jobs, was no longer in school, and had a motor vehicle accident. I lost everything except the love of my life, who supported me through this time along with my family. I basically had to start all over from scratch — I was devastated. For several months I applied to over 100+ jobs, but nothing lead to an opportunity or it was the wrong one. I was in this very dark place feeling hopeless and low on faith. I didn’t have any job or educational prospects which made me feel like a failure.

I wasn’t certain what my next step would be, but what I did know is that I couldn’t stay in the state I was in. I saw how my depression was having a negative effect on me and my loved ones and had to think of a way out. I couldn’t find positive thoughts on my own; therefore I surrounded myself with positive quotes and affirmations. I plastered them all over my social media channels until my negative thoughts went away.

photo credit received 1/26/16 link:
photo credit received 1/26/16 link:

Be Still

Life has a way of showing us signs as to what’s being reflected in our mind and heart. It could be showing us what we should focus our attention on, or perhaps what we should pull away from. When negative experiences happen we have a tendency to either go numb, or be in denial of the effects it’s having. Trying so desperately to be in control of every aspect of the things around us.

When Life Gives You Lemons..

I decided to start applying for work but this time I would have a strategy. I would find work that was meaningful and connected to my spirit since I wanted to work as a creative professional starting her own business. I conducted research on people whose work reflected the kind of work what I wanted to do. I also sought out a nontraditional, creative, and innovative life so I thought, “why would I limit my job search and use old methods that are obsolete and doesn’t serve me. I must go where the innovators are.” 

photo credit received 1/26/16 link:
photo credit received 1/26/16 link:

 Find your purpose

My identity was so wrapped up in my career that when I wasn’t working, I didn’t know how to cope. For the first two months I was still and asked God to guide me to more relevant purpose driven employment. I decided to follow my heart and use my failures as lessons and not be afraid to take more risks.

Find Support

I heavily depended on my family and partner during this tough time, and couldn’t have done it without their compassion and support. You must find gratitude for the blessings and resources you already have, and not dwell on what you lack. You must have a strong support system and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Today, I have acquired several freelance projects doing social media marketing for successful entrepreneurs; leading in their digital media field and at a marketing agency. I am feeling blessed and hopeful these will lead to greater opportunities. It took several months of hardship but transformative life changes took place. What helped me was having patience and faith in God’s timing. Most importantly, having a positive attitude a grateful heart it help, me and I feel it will helped you get through too.

Written by Kaisha Jones 


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