Personal photo of Testimony Tuesday writer Jill Williams
photo credit received 11/24/14 MsDillard Link:
photo credit received 11/24/14 MsDillard Link:

This is a weekly staple affording our readers the opportunity to share their personal testimony regarding abuse, violence, disease,  family, happiness,  faith, jail time, obesity, and/or mistakes made in your youth,  just to name a few. Let your testimony be a blessing to someone else attempting to overcome a particular avenue in life. 

“As a young girl I can remember what it felt like being bullied. It shattered my life into a million pieces. Constantly living in fear of getting my behind beat. It didn’t matter if it were boys with a school girl crush, or girls who drank a cup of hateration. Being punched, kicked, pushed, and verbally humiliated was an unwanted behavior. This was an everyday occurrence I experienced as a child.

 My mother was no joke. She was the type of parent who supported her children in every way. I can’t count the number of times she marched into the principal’s office to regulate the matter. Frankly stated, “”I send my child to school for an education; therefore something has to done to ensure the safety of my daughter” were her words. She had the mentality if anyone was going to lay hands on me… It would be her, along with my dad.

 When I blossomed into adulthood, I made a decision to turn a negative into a positive. I created and taught arts and crafts, as well as a culinary course (for children 7-13 years old). I also mentored 600 girls which propelled me into my destiny and purpose. One day I covered a topic very near and dear to my heart, bullying! Did it bring up horrible memories from my own past? Yes it did. It was also the beginning of my healing. One of my students shared her harsh reality with the class, “people called me ugly, and others said I should have been aborted” she cried.

This is a personal photo provided by Testimony Tuesday writer Jill Williams
This is a personal photo provided by Testimony Tuesday writer Jill Williams

I fought back the tears. It reminded me of the days being taunted by my peers. Her comment cut me deeper than a butcher’s knife. I felt her pain and so did her classmates. I lovingly embraced my student, and as I wiped the tears from her eyes I encouraged the students in the class to embrace her too. Therefore, she could feel the love from her classmates. It was during that class, I asked the students to write the “pros” and “cons” of snitching on a bully.

One of the students wrote
Pros: I think we should tell because I once was bullied, and keeping silent made it worse. When I told, she left me alone.
Con: I think we should not tell because it might get worse.

My concern is bullying not only takes place at school, they can also fall victim to cyber bullying.  Statistics show 1 in 3 children are bullied during the school year. They also state 1 in 65,000 children between the ages 10-14 die by suicide each year. Sadly, children who suffer in silence often experience severe depression, and depression leads to suicide in some cases. I am on a mission and that’s to save our children, one child at a time.

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes parents, churches, and communities to pay close attention to the children around us. The life we save… The life a parent saves… The life a community saves… May be the child they know and love.”

Written by Jill Williams…..



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