Your beautiful baby has reached the age of two and you have heard all types of stories about them turning into monsters, known as the “terrible twos.” Sometimes your precious little girl or boy may start showing some odd behaviors before age two and sometimes it may not happen until they are closer to age three otherwise known as “three-nager.” One thing for sure you will never avoid this stage of behaviors. Before you lose your mind and give up all hope, try these tips:

  1. Choose Your Battles: Some things aren’t worth it. For example, your daughter doesn’t like wearing dresses or your son doesn’t want to wear a hat. As long as they are wearing clothes it will be ok. It doesn’t even have to match.
  2. Make Everything A Race: Toddlers love racing. If you want them to clean up, use a timer and see if they can “Beat the Clock.”
  3. Involve Your Child in Doing Errands: Let your toddler help you do the dishes, cook meals, and other tasks around the house. At this age, kids love to do things so keep them busy and within your eyesight.
  4. Give Your Child Choices: Offer two options when possible when things you want to involve them in doing. Example can be when getting dressed let them choose between outfits. This small decision will give them independence.
  5. Get Creative With Food: This is the stage where they start getting picky. A good suggestion is to make their meals as colorful and fun as possible.
  6. Be Mindful of What You Say: Your child is a sponge soaking up everything. Be mindful of what you say around them because you never know when it will be repeated.

Remember you are not alone when it comes this stage. It’s tough but it will pass. Stay calm and most importantly don’t be ashamed to take a time out when your precious angel starts acting up. Give yourself time to calm down. You both will need it!


Written By: Tiffani Casurra, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



  1. I appreciate this article, but this sounds way easier then it looks, I try and pick and choose my battles, but its came to him winning everytime. I dont want my son to think that its ok to Boss his mother around or his big sister,when he does not get his way he attacks us, time outs he wont sit and stay in time out, i don’t agree with hitting children as much as others unless its just really extreme. Im at my whit’s and don’t know what to do. Im afraid that his behavior will continue and when he gets older he may try to attack me.

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