You have probably heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Well, this refers to networking. It‘s never too early to start teaching your child about the importance of making a positive impression and learning how to connect with people. Networking doesn’t start when your child gets older and is ready to join the workforce, it starts when your child is a toddler, because you are their first teacher. Here are some important tips to teach your child how to network:

  1. Teach Your Child to be Helpful: Let your child know that being helpful doesn’t always mean they will get something in return. Teach them that being helpful comes from the heart. It is important that your child knows that they should always look for opportunities to be helpful, such as, reading to younger children, helping someone carry their groceries, and offering to cut a neighbors’ yard.
  2. Teach Your Child to Introduce Themselves: This shows others that they are confident. As your child gets older you should never have to introduce them to others. They should be able to take the initiative and speak for themselves.
  3. Teach Your Child that They Are Associated by their Friends: The saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together,” is very true. It’s not fair, but whom your child chooses to hang out with will influence their choices.
  4. Teach Your Child to Show Gratitude: When someone does something nice for your child, teach him or her to return the favor or even just write a thank you card. If they start early doing this, it will become a habit, as they get older.
  5. Teach Your Child that Age Doesn’t Define Them: No matter how old your child is they can make an impact on someone else. Encourage your child to seek ways to make their own money. Support their dreams and provide opportunities for them beyond their comfort zone.

The major key to networking is building relationships. Continue to teach your child to always be willing to meet new people and this will open up endless opportunities and build their confidence. Now that is the power of networking.


Written By: Tiffani Casurra, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic




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