Tammy Rivera’s Instagram via @charliesangell 6.15.17

Love and Hip Hop of Atlanta star Tammy Rivera has finally let her vocals out of the box and we are so glad she did. The wife of Waka Flocka has started working on an EP produced by Rico Love and earlier this week she released her first single “All These Kisses.” Mrs. Tammy’s single has already hit #1 on Apple Music.

Not only is Tammy beautiful outside and in, but now the world knows she has a beautiful voice to complete the package. In “All These Kisses” Tammy uses her angelic voice to create a R&B feel by expressing how she caters to her man with all her kisses.

Day so hard, so much stress

Life won’t let up, boy just rest

Lay down and let me cover you in all these kisses

So much on your mind it weighs on your head

But baby your worry free in this bed

Go head and let me cover you in all these kisses

It’s good to see Tammy happy in her relationship due to the fact that last year around this time the couple had announced their separation. There were rumors circulating regarding Waka being unfaithful to Tammy and the media started to assume that was the case for their break-up. But Tammy took to Instagram to clear up any false information. She expressed how her relationship was not ending because of anyone, but that her and Waka came to a mutual decision to separate.

We see the split didn’t last too long. The couple is back together and happier than ever. On a recent episode of LAHHATL Tammy tells the world that she has forgiven Waka and they are working on their relationship but this time around she’s putting herself first.

Tammy mentioned she was always into singing but when she got pregnant with her only child she gave up that dream. Once her and Waka separated she had a chance to pursue her dream. Not only did Tammy get into the studio, but she has producer Rico Love helping her with her upcoming project.


Tammy and Waka are one of the hottest couples out right now. Check out Tammy’s Instagram to see the two all boo’d up. You can tell that this couple now is truly happy and Tammy expresses that in “All These Kisses.”

Tammy Rivera’s Instagram via @charliesangell 6.15.17

Now all we need is a visual. Maybe Waka will be featured in the video. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you listen to “All These Kisses” right here, right now.

Will you be copping Tammy’s EP when it drops? Comment below to let us know what you think about “All These Kisses.”

Written By: Marshay Rice

Instagram: @MarshayMonet

Twitter: @MarshayMonet


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