Tamia via Tamia's Instagram @realtamiaworld, retrieved 4/26/16
Tamia via Tamia's Instagram @realtamiaworld, retrieved 4/26/16
Tamia via Tamia’s Instagram @realtamiaworld, retrieved 4/26/16

Every now and then, R&B singer Tamia takes to Instagram with a video that reminds us of how sweet, angelic and beautiful her voice really is. However, it was her rendition of Yolanda Adams’ “Open My Heart,” a song off Adams’ 1999 album, Mountain High…Valley Low, that resonated with most folks and earned the respect of old fans, new fans and the tabloids.

Whether you are still mourning the death of the late Prince or just trying to make it through this thing called life, Tamia’s “Open My Heart” cover will surely get you through, putting you in better spirits while simultaneously leaving goosebumps all over your body.

Listen below:

Anyone else needing this today? Thank you @yolandaadams #tamia

A video posted by Tamia Hill (@realtamiaworld) on

Tamia, who is married to Grant Hill, came on the scene in 1998 with the release of her self-titled album. She has since been known for her hit singles and features like “So Into You” and “Officially Missing You,” among many more. In 2015, she released her album Lovelife, but unfortunately we’ve been left to wait for more of her beautiful music to drop.

Until then, we can replay her cover of Yolanda Adams’ song as well as her old music and hope that she will bless us with one more flawless cover or album in the near future.

Written By: Sweenie Saint-Vil


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