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Have you ever felt so connected to someone? You both live separate lives, had so many things happening but ALWAYS were on the same page? It all seemed so perfect, but timing always seemed to interrupt what you both wanted. How do you combat the universe and shoot your shot?

Taking a leap of faith can be one of the scariest decisions. Regardless of if it’s with your career, moving across the country or following your heart in a romantic relationship. These kind of decisions can change your whole life and you won’t know if it’s for the better unless you try, right?  There are a few steps you need to take BEFORE you take this leap!

Assess the situation. Are you both open and willing to give this relationship a real shot? Often times, we tend to misread situations because our personal desires are clouding our vision. You have to have a clear understanding of your feelings and the other persons feelings.

Logically weigh out the pros and cons. Ask yourself questions like, does being in a relationship with this person add to my life, keep me consistent or bring me down? Can you see yourself being able to bring the best out of your partner? Ultimately, the goal of your relationship should be able to support, inspire and elevate your partner in every aspect (mentally, physically, and emotionally).

Decide. Once you have compiled your list and had a moment to think it through, make a firm decision. Do you want to step out and let your heart lead the way or do you want to continue to live in a “what if” state of mind? Make sure your decision is solid. If it’s a “maybe” decision you will surely go back on it.

Leap. Let it all happen! Do what you have to do to move forward with your decision. If you’re wanting to try the relationship out or keep it platonic, make it one hundred percent clear and GO!

Trust your decision. We all have made some split second decisions or heat of the moment choices. Don’t second guess yourself. Stay positive and let it all flow. Let your decision be the end of it. Let it go and move forward accordingly.

The universe has a funny way of bringing people in and out of your life. We have to pay attention to how they add or subtract to your life. Change is inevitable but being in control of the change is always an option.

Written By: Faith Stewart


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