Photo retrieved from Instagram via @SZA on May 25, 2017
Her debut album ‘CTRL‘  is on the way and it’s safe to say that her fans are already lifted off of her new single, ‘Love Galore’ , featuring Travis Scott. 
True to her signature style, the melodic tune expresses what it truly means to love someone, even when hate takes over all emotions. She draws listeners in with the soothing hook:  

                  Love, love, love, love

                       Long as we got

                       Love, love, love

                       Long as we got” 

Into the first verse: 

                  “Done with these niggas, 

                  I don’t love these niggas,

                    I dust off these niggas,

                          Do it for fun,

                 Don’t take it personal,

            Personally, I’m surprised you,

           Called me after the things I said,

                   Skrrt! Skrrt! on niggas,

                   Skirt up on niggas,

                           Skirt down,

                   You acting like me,

                        Acting like we,

     Wasn’t more than just some old fling,

                       I said farewell, 

                     You took it well,

   Promise I won’t cry over spilled milk,

                  Gimme a paper towel,

                 Gimme another valium,

            Gimme another hour or two, 

                        Hour with you. ” 

Contrary to the sweet feel of the song, the TDE star added an interesting plot to the visuals. Not to mention a killer ending…. literally. Watch below! 

Congratulations SZA! 

Written By: Novia Rose, Associate Entertainment Editor 


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