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Nowadays it isn’t uncommon to hear a person say that “strippers are winning” and by the looks of it, ex-strippers Cardi B, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna seem to have made great lives for themselves. Are their lavish lives circumstantial or can it now be viewed as another path of success and an option that younger women can take?

“Stripping is a lifestyle that I wouldn’t recommend to any young girl. Please go to school and get your education,” Said Cardi B in one of her Instagram videos. And although the message was positive many women and young girls still choose to go the route of making a quick buck especially after seeing how Cardi B went from a ex-stripper to Instagram sensation to now a new respected female hip hop artist. And based on her own account her rags to riches life came after being discovered on VH1’s Love In Hip Hop New York.

But what many may not realize is that the glamorous lifestyle of those who society label as successful sex symbols, didn’t come until after they were discovered by those who had already claimed their name to fame. Take Amber Rose’s for example… we all know and even Amber said herself (in earlier interviews) that before dating hip hop mogul Kanye West, she was a regular stripper from Philly and that it was only after dating Kanye she gained the fame and label of being one of America’s sexiest semi-bald blonde who soon after hit the jackpot by marrying fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa and getting a contract with VH1 for her own show.

History seems to repeat itself and Blac Chyna is yet another example! This man-made almost millionaire gained the media’s attention after being featured in Tyga’s music video, “Rack City” whom she had her first child with. Where Blac Chyna really struck the gold mine was after hooking up with Rob Kardashian and having a beautiful baby girl. It may be safe to say her and her children are set for life.

The chances of strippers and Instagram models running into a celebrity and getting wifed or knocked up these days aren’t too uncommon. However, securing your own bag and building a future based off of your own hard work and struggle seems to be a sure fire recipe to success. Maintaining your dignity while going down the path of achievements will have it’s ups and downs, but happiness built off of your own passion and aspirations prove to be more appreciated and come with longevity and happiness!

Written By: Tahanee

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  1. “…This man-made almost millionaire..” referring to Blac Chyna was completely unnecessary. Amber Rose isn’t all natural either why don’t you refer to her with such language. Smh. For the record, Blac Chyna is also a successful businesswoman and is a millionaire.


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