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The summer will be here before you know it! It’s time to live, not just exist. Procrastinating means paying higher prices and bad flight seats. So rather than waiting until the last minute to plan your baecation and having to scramble, let’s get you excited to spend some much needed time with your hubby. This springtime checklist will get you in a planning frame of mind.

Advisory: By participating in the following activities, you may experience extreme fun, laughter, awesome sex and a great spark of love.

Go Skinny-dipping!

Oh yeah! It’s very easy to romantically connect under the water’s current. The feel of skin touching skin after it’s already been stimulated by the flow of water will put this make-out session at the top of your favorites list.
Plan: Grab your passport and travel to CHM Montalivet. Need something local/domestic? Check out Haulover Beach, Miami, or another part of Florida.

Ferris Wheel Kiss

Making out at the top of a ferris wheel will make you feel like you really are on top of the world. In addition to amazing sight-seeing, you will renew a sense of security with your partner.
Plan: Make a weekend of visiting SkyView Atlanta or catch R&R after riding SkyWheel in Myrtle Beach.

[Balloon fight]. Retrieved March 19, 2016. From http://mix967.ca/blogs/mornings/2015/07/watch-windsor-water-balloon-fight-2015/
[Balloon fight]. Retrieved March 19, 2016. From http://mix967.ca/blogs/mornings/2015/07/watch-windsor-water-balloon-fight-2015/
Road Trip

Road trips are what real fun is made of! Spontaneously pick a location, preferably somewhere you haven’t been, and bust a move to get there. Armed with old school R&B and rap stations on Pandora, gas up and head out. Plan: Map out your trip from beginning to end, locating the best hotels, attractions and natural wonders along the way.

Have a Balloon Fight

I know, most ladies aren’t fans of getting their hair wet, but don’t let that ‘do keep you from living! This would be fun to do at a 4th of July BBQ, family reunion or just a summer cookout. Round up the kids – even neighbors and friends – and let the balloon busting and water popping begin. Throw in a few water guns to up the ante.
Plan: Buy a bunch of balloons and water guns, fill them with water, and get drenched with fun.

Something Adventurous

Ziplining, white water rafting or something of the sort, is just what you need to unplug from your monotonous routine and scream yourself back to life. Pick something that you and bae haven’t done so you can experience it together.
Plan: Contact the U.S. National Whitewater Center to hear their offers on a host of water and land activities; ziplining is just one of the many activities waiting to be explored.

Game Night With Friends

This is easy, peasy. Assign a few friends with bringing games and a few with contributing food dishes. Taboo and spades are fan favorites, but your invitees will get creative. This is an escape without heavy duty planning or expense.
Plan: After the invitations are sent and activities are given out, be sure to have a few game ideas on deck, just in case your crew doesn’t come through.

So, now that you have a few ideas, you and bae can get to planning!

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger


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