Photo Credit: [untitled photo of pillows] (N.D.) Retrieved March 18, 2016 from
Photo Credit: [untitled photo of pillows] (N.D.) Retrieved March 18, 2016 from
Okay ladies, it’s that time of year again! We all know that spring is a season of renewal and fresh starts, and with those starts comes the dreaded spring-cleaning. But have no fear; I have compiled a list of spring fashion trends for your home to help YOU “clean” up on style!

  1. Light and airy is always the way to go when entering spring. If you’re a real DIY kind of girl, taking a coat of lighter colored paint to your ceiling will offer the feel of having a larger space to almost any room! When choosing colors for your home this season, pastels on your walls and ceilings win! Not only are they very in this season, they will allow even your smallest spaces to feel open. Hues of grey, pale blue, blush pink, and even buttercup are great choices as main colors. Accents in all of the brighter hues for the season can add pops of fun and whimsy in many different ways.
  1. Pattern play is everywhere this season, with plaid and the chevron the definite contenders for fun pillow play in a living room or bedroom. If you are on a budget and don’t mind getting crafty; a hot glue gun can be a lifesaver with creating a no-sew pillow! Patterned window shades, and even floor to ceiling patterned draperies of complimentary or accent colors already in a room are great if you are limited on space. But, beware- small patterns can become busy and large patterns may overwhelm your space but a medium sized pattern is just right!
  1. Texture is an important player in the finalization of any space. When finishing up, it’s the little touches that mean the most. Fresh cut flowers bring some of the season directly indoors, and don’t worry about a proper vase, recycling a couple old wine bottles, or even adding a coat of paint to inexpensive Terra cotta pots can give a fresh twist to the usual routine. Even your light switch covers and doorknobs can become a statement piece, in burnished metals and finishes that are in the forefront of the season.

These simple tips will be affordable, and easy to transform your space to spring home trends.

By, Jennifer Batchelder, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic, Founder of Dear Moms Blog


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