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Time to pack away all winter stuff and bring out some spring things. For you parents out there, you can get your kids involved!

Kids may not want to get involved with the cleaning process. After all, what is so fun about packing winter stuff and cleaning up? There are some fun ways to get your kids involved.

Give Them Their Own Supplies

I notice that kids love having their own set of supplies when they are cleaning. Create a cleaning kit for the kids. You can easily go to the dollar store or anywhere and buy a small basket filled with cleaning supplies. This includes:

  • Bucket
  • Cloth for dusting and another for cleaning walls
  • Kid friendly broom to sweep or a Vacuum Cleaner
  • Spray Bottle (make sure the little ones have a spray bottle filled with water and soap only)

This will help kick off spring cleaning. Your child will think they are grown up with their own cleaning supplies.

Delegate Chorus According To Age

Once you have given them their cleaning supplies, divide the work according to their age.

(Ages 4-5)

  • Have the little ones make a pile of all their winter clothes. Parents you can have the older ones put them away. Parents bring out their spring clothes.
  • Clean their toys with a rag and put them away.
  • Put their spring shoes where they can get to it.
  • Take down their books from their bookshelf. Dust their bookshelf and pile to books back.

(Ages 6-9)

  • Take out the trash.
  • Sweep
  • Organize their clothes. Put the winter clothes in a box and bring out their spring clothes.
  • Change the sheets on their beds
  • Separate the toys that are broken or no longer play with. Put them in a separate box

(Ages 10+)

  • Wipe the windows
  • Help outside in the garden. Pulling weeds or watering the grass.
  • Vacuum the rooms
  • Wash the dishes or put dishes in the dishwasher
  • Change the sheets on their beds
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Organize their winter clothes and put out their spring clothes
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Crank Up The Noise!

While you all are cleaning, make sure to have some fun with it. Crank on some music that is cool for the whole family. Maybe a soundtrack to Trolls or Kids Bop. You can also try some classics like The Jacksons 5 or the Beetles. Whatever the sound, you can bop your head while cleaning.

Charitable Children

Have your kids do some good. Hand out a box and tell them to put in the box all the toys and clothes they will no longer need. Once they have put the clothes and toys in a box, donate it. Have your kids come along and let them give it their local Salvation Army or local Thrift Store. They will feel good knowing that they have given away their things to someone who will need it.

Hope these tips help! Always great to get the kids involved with cleaning. It will teach them how to be more responsible and charitable at the same time! Team work will bring your family that much closer.

Written by Keke Waldon, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

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