Born and raised in Flat Bush, Brooklyn, Aisha Taylor Issah is an overcomer, an entrepreneur, an ordained minister, a wife, and a visionary. She is the Founder & CEO of the Sistahs in Business Expo and is passionate about creating a platform that will help women of color grow and expand their businesses. In knowing Aisha you realize that the impossible is possible. Her whole life is evidence that with faith in God, the support of your family, and a determination to succeed, dreams really can come true. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Aisha returned to Brooklyn to begin her career. Dedicating almost 15 years to work with the City of New York, she later resigning to focus on ministry and entrepreneurship. Aisha currently serves as an Associate Minister for Children, Youth, & Young Adults at the St. Luke Baptist Church in Paterson, NJ and has been doing so for almost 16 years.

In 2005 Aisha partnered with her sister to launch her first business, TAYLORmade, a Professional Career Consulting business. The business grew significantly over the years and has become a highly sought-after resource for professionals and organizations looking for assistance with their career and recruitment needs. In early 2017, the entrepreneurial bug bit again and Aishas idea to create an expo for women of color was born.

Sistahs in Business Expo was created to provide a platform for entrepreneurial women of color. This is what was missing when Aisha started her first business.

Fact: women of color are the largest growing demographic of entrepreneurs but the least earning.

Sistahs in Business was created to provide an accessible and affordable platform for women of color that would help to close that gap. EGL sat down with Aisha to talk about the upcoming Expo.

Everything Girls Love: What challenges have you faced being a woman of color and an entrepreneur? How do you aim to help others avoid these challenges?

Aisha Taylor Issah: When I started my first business with my sister back in 2005, there were no social media therefore, the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur was finding opportunities and way to gain exposure and grow our business. We wanted to participate in some of the large-scale expos but encountered a few challenges along the way. Most expos were geared towards products, rather than services, and they all had extremely high vendor fees. This excluded us from a lot of expos because we owned a business that provided a service and couldnt afford vendor fees.

EGL: What is the goal of this years Expo?

ATI: Our goal is to create a high-quality experience for vendors, attendees, and partners in each city. This year, we have expos scheduled in Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, Columbia, SC, and Atlanta, GA.

EGL: Who are the keynote speakers at this years Expo and what is the theme?

ATI: The Keynote Speakers are Hip Hop Legend, MC Lyte and Wealth Expert and Dr. Lynn Richardson. They will be speaking on the topic How Legends Build Businesses.Our other signature agenda item is the SuperPower Panel featuring a dynamic group of hugely successful entrepreneurial women of color. The panel theme is Whats your SuperPower?: Uncovering the Skills and Strengths Needed to Succeed in Business.

EGL: What can a SISTAH expect from attending?

ATI: A sistah who attends the expo can expect a day filled with inspiration, networking, great shopping, and most of all, sisterhood. We have worked hard to cultivate a positive energy for our participants and attendees. Theyll be greeted by our dynamic team of volunteers, inspired and informed by our expert speakers and panelists, and compelled to support our vendors through their creative displays.

EGL: Tell us why this years Expo is the place to be at?

ATI: There is nothing quite like the Sistahs in Business Expo anywhere. There are Black business expos, hair expos, and womens empowerment events. But there is no expo at this scale, of this quality, being held with a specific focus on women of color entrepreneurs. We have filled a void for small business owners and are excited about what the future holds. Rather than hearing about it, its always best to experience greatness yourself.

EGL: What is the ultimate goal of the SIB Expo? What do you see it growing into?

ATI: Ultimately, we plan to become the worlds premiere expo created to celebrate entrepreneurial women of color. While we grow, I am determined to not lose sight of our tenets. The expo will remain affordable, accessible, and profitable for business owners, while always including a diverse pool of both products and services. We intend to host expos in major cities all across the globe, therefore impacting the earning potential for businesses owned by women of color. Over the next three years, wed like to bring the expo to the west coast and at least one international destination.

EGL: Why is it important for women of color entrepreneurs to attend?

ATI: Entrepreneurial women of color will gain so much by attending our expo. They will receive invaluable insight and knowledge from our speaker and panelists. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to network with a very large pool of other business owners. Most significantly, their attendance will help us continue to prove to the world that when women of color get together, incredible things happen.

EGL: Why is this event important for the urban demographic?

ATI: This event is important for the urban demographic because, unfortunately, the resources for business owners in urban areas are often limited. We arent given the same access to information and resources. As a result, our businesses either suffer or fail. Events like this are needed in urban areas so that businesses can have opportunities to showcase and grow while gaining valuable knowledge.

The Sistahs in Business Expo provides an accessible and affordable platform for women of color that will help to close the gap in earning potential for women of color. By creating an environment where businesses can showcase their services or products, SIB is eliminating the challenge of increased exposure and profitability.

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Interview by: Joyanne Lawrence, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic

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