The Spice Girls, circa 1996. (Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images) Retrieved 7/10/16
Spice Girls (Photograph) Retrieved on 7/10/2016 from
Spice Girls (Photograph) Retrieved on 7/10/2016 from

Once upon a time, in the land of the 90s, 5 very diverse women stunned the world and established the true meaning of “Girl Power.” Of course we are talking about none other than, The Spice Girls.

Well, it seems that a few members of the group The Spice Girls haven’t forgotten how to give a good tease as they released a video to fans hinting a big celebration for their 20th birthday!

Scary, Baby and Ginger Spices (formally known as Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell) promised to give the fans what they want (what they really, really want), and for years they have been screaming for a reunion tour.

Could it finally be happening?

There were only three in the video so, the question remains, will Posh (Victoria Beckham) and Sporty (Melanie Chisholm) be a part of the festivities?

Furthermore, will it be a national or international celebration?  So many questions and not enough answers; but, at least, we have The Spice Girl hits to hold us while we wait!  What songs are your Spice Girl favorites?

Check out a few of our Spice Girl picks:

Are you’re here for a Spice Girls Reunion? Keep it real and dish below.

Written by Melody Lanei


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