Andre and Erykah (Photograph) Retrieved on 4/26/2016 from
Family Photo (Photograph) Retrieved on 4/26/2016 from
Family Photo (Photograph) Retrieved on 4/26/2016 from

Congratulations are definitely in order to Seven and his parents, Erykah Badu and Andre “3000” Benjamin. Erykah took to her social media account at the beginning of the week to brag about her first born and his academic achievements.

The parents haven’t been together since 1999, but Erykah acknowledged Andre and his presence in their son’s life stating on Twitter, “Andre [has] BEEN back and forth [be]tween Dallas and ATL & ALWAYS took care of his son since birth. He moved here/Dallas for high school permanently.” 

Things may have not worked out between the couple, which inspired Andre to write the classic jam “Ms. Jackson,” but the two obviously have a mutual respect for each other and have raised one hell of a young man.

retrieved via twitter @dailyrapfacts on 4-27-16.
retrieved via twitter @dailyrapfacts on 4-27-16.

Seven Sirus Benjamin was born November 18, 1997 and has been accepted to all four of his collegiate choices. He, nor his parents, have released the schools of interest or Seven’s choice, but what we do know is that he may not be going into the family business of music anytime soon. Erykah hinted that he may be double majoring in psychology and the arts and/or science.

Congrats Seven! College is an experience that one ever forgets! We look forward to you excelling in all of your influential work in the future.

Written By: Melody Lanei


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