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Chance the Rapper recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and he took us back to the 90’s. Performing a Boys II Men-inspired song called “Come Back, Barack,” the rapper begged for our former Commander-in-Chief to return and save us.

Chance was joined in the video by SNL’s Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd with the group name De-Von-Tre. They gave an old-school vibe that reminds you of R&B groups like Jagged Edge or Jodeci.  They not only had the right sound, but also the right attire.

Photo Credit: NBC

Chance expressed his concerns for the world coming to an end, the USA on the verge of having a nuclear war, and how although it’s not possible for Obama to be president again, it sure would be nice!

The lyrics included, “Every night, I turn the TV on and cry / I say why, I feel like we’re all gonna die / So come back, Barack,” the trio sing. “Even though it’s not allowed / We want you back somehow / I need you in my life / So come back, Barack / We didn’t know what we had / Now things are looking bad / Like really bad, like world war bad, like nuclear bad /, So come back, Barack.

The trio then sang out what Obama has been doing since his presidency ended, including taking his daughter to college, vacationing with Michelle, working on his library, and debating on if Michelle Obama will run for president.

Check it out!

You know Twitter sounded off about the performance…

The group members of De-Von-Tre also created an early 80’s hip-hop group called the Soul Crush Crew in SNL’s “Rap History” sketch.

Chance did a great job hosting SNL. Check out both music videos below!

Written By: Adia Taylor


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