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Have you ever wondered if the reason why you’re unsuccessful at relationships is a little bit deeper than your bad attitude, high standards, or the million of other reasons you blame yourself for to explain why you suck at love? If you’re a woman looking for love, chances are that you ponder on this question endlessly, and it seems like the answer always leads back to you. What if we told you that YOU may not directly be your problem? According to new Christian books on love and relationships, the cause of  many women not being able to meet or keep a decent guy is because of spirit husbands.

Author Mack Major defines spirit husbands as “spiritual entities that become attached to a woman through ungodly sexual and spiritual activity.” Once they’re attached, they prevent women from sustaining meaningful and healthy relationships with men. According to Major, spirit husbands won’t share you with any other man. Instead, they will drive any good man out of your life, forcing you to die alone. Technically, you won’t be alone because you’ve given yourself to a man already, which is your spirit husband.

How do you get a spirit husband you ask? As Major stated, any ungodly sexual/spiritual activities such as fooling with the occult (including horoscopes), masturbating, using sex toys, watching pornography, etc. He even states that tattoos, attending night clubs (where you can pick up spirits), and pledging Greek can open portals to the demonic realm.

Have you been involved in any of these activities? If you’re not a prude or a boring person, chances are you’ve probably indulged in at least three, and you could’ve opened the pathways for a spirit husband. The problem is that these spirit husbands will keep you from meeting Mr. Right, or will destroy your relationship or marriage if you pick up the demon while you’re with someone. Mack suggests that over 50% of single women can’t find a man because they have a spirit husband, and that spirit husbands are the cause of most divorces and damaged relationships.

If spirit husbands are true, they’re certainly something to be a little frightened about. If you sense you may have a spirit husband, or if you really think that a spirit husband can be the cause of your relationship woes, you should be alarmed but know that there is a solution: repentance. You can find all the solutions to your problems and read further on spirit husbands in author Mack Major’s two Christian ebooks entitled, “Hedonism: Destroying Demonic Sexual Strongholds” and “Diva Goddess Queen: Breaking the Power of Soul Ties, Lust, and Sexual Demons”.

The idea of spirit husbands may sound like a bunch of hocus pocus, but if you’re seriously tired of failed relationships or running into Mr. Wrong, it may help to look into spirit husbands as an alternative to your issues! Who knows, it may lift a weight, or better yet a spirit, off of your shoulders!

Do you think you may have a spirit husband?

Written By: Kahina Ray


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