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Sitcoms are a staple in the African American community, they have always been. Aside from providing a platform where people of color can display their acting abilities, they also provided aspiring actors with hope and the rest of us with insight on how we could approach various situations. The 90s and early 2000s gave birth to many of our favorite African American sitcoms and thanks to the existence of streaming services, they have been made accessible again and also have allowed for the possibility of a reboot. In an ideal world, these six African American sitcoms would return back into our lives.

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Moesha– The last we saw “Moesha,” Myles was possibly kidnapped and Moesha might have been pregnant. It was a cliffhanger that puzzled many fans of the show and was even a bother to Brandy Norwood, who played the role of Moesha herself. A reboot of the show would hopefully answer the questions we had been brewing up before coming to terms with the end of the show, but it’s also much more than that. “Moesha” was a show that attacked cultural awareness, diversity, and societal issues with an ease, similar to that of “Black-ish.” That is more than necessary in today’s world, and it’s exciting to know that if it works out, everyone is on board.

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Girlfriends– Before Tracee Ellis Ross played Bow on the ABC Series “Black-ish,” she was most recognized for her character Joan Clayton of the hit series “Girlfriends.” She, Toni, Maya, and Lynn were the perfect visual for a “squad,” displaying their catty fights, petty disagreements, but most importantly, their love and undying support as they went through their individual trials and tribulations. Considering most of the characters haven’t aged much since they last graced our television screens, a reboot picking up just a few years later, shouldn’t be too much to ask for. It’s the least that could be done after abruptly ending a show that we all really loved.

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A Different World – This Cosby Show spinoff was for many, a fictional storyline yet an actual guide to college life, especially life at an HBCU. The timeless show made us fall in love with Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert’s relationship, all while touching on everything from Greek life and RAs to roommate struggles and the process of planning for life post-graduation, providing a better understanding of “a different world.” Since the end of the show, media has tried to capture college life with shows like “College Hilland “The Quad,” but neither show has come close to the success that “A Different World” had seen. A reboot with the original cast may be questionable today, but if we pull a page from “Girl Meets World” and “Fuller House,” maybe the show could continue through the eyes of the original characters’ children.

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Living Single – “Living Single” was a sitcom that followed six friends, four girls and two guys living in a Brooklyn brownstone and trying to survive in the Big Apple. It was a sitcom with touches of comedy and characters that we could either identify with or relate to in some way.  Did Sinclaire and Overton have children? How’s Flava Magazine doing? Did Regine grow out of her love for material things? There are so many things that’d need to be addressed if the show was given a reboot, which according to an interview with Queen Latifah and Andy Cohen, is being worked on. What better way to clarify that “Friends” was not the reboot to this show by proving it with the real reboot??

The Cast of Sister, Sister Credit: Imdb

Sister Sister – While Tia and Tamera have built and flourished in their individual careers, the world will always see them together as they were introduced to us in the 90s sitcom, “Sister, Sister.” We grew up with the twins, watching them become teenagers with curly hair to college students with straightened hair. There’s no telling what the potential storyline would be, but it would be no surprise if their current experiences as mothers and wives were incorporated in some way. It’s also been a long time since we’ve heard from Marques Houston, who mentioned he’d be down for the cause. What other tagline could top, “Goodbye, Roger?”

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The Game – When “The Game” first appeared on television, it was a huge hit. The comedy, the drama, the relatable situations made us fall in love with the football players and their lovers, most notably Derwin and Melanie. The latter seasons of the show replaced them, making Lauren London and Jay Ellis the new couple to watch, but the truth was, our heart yearned for the original rookie to return and probably won’t ever be satisfied until we see them on screen together for at least one more season. Possible reboot? Let’s speak it into existence.

Written By: Sweenie Nicole


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