Being a mother is truly a rewarding gift! Being a mother has some great times but it can also be a hard task, and being a single mother can be challenging. Single mothers have the task of being both mommy and daddy to their children. It can be a daunting task, but it can get easier. Here are some tips for balancing motherhood and a career:

  1. Receive Help: First step is to get someone to help out. Most women juggle a bit more than a woman who has a partner to help raise the kids. Learn to receive the help that is given because you can’t be everywhere at once. So single mamas, its ok to have help and still be superwoman to your children!
  1. Get The Kids Involved: You can burn yourself out trying to cook and clean by yourself. Allow your kids to help out at home. Give them responsibilities such as cleaning their rooms, dusting, or taking out the trash. Getting your kids involved in daily activities is a great way to bring some balance while teaching the kids how to help mama out!
  1. Take Care of You: As a mother, you at times feel guilty for wanting to do something for yourself! Part of finding balance is to be ok with taking care of yourself. Go on that date with someone special, go to the spa and relax, have dinner with friends, or go on a shopping spree. Once you take care of self, it will bring a balance to your life because you are not neglecting yourself.
  1. Speak Positivity: Be sure to keep a positive outlook on life. Even though there isn’t that extra help from a mate, be proud of yourself for holding it down on your own and slaying in the process. Complaining about life will not make life easier so be proud to be able to take care of your children.

Be proud of yourself for being the awesome mother you are but don’t forget to have balance.

Written by: Keke Waldon, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic


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