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Do you turn the other cheek or get involved when your sweetheart has some bitter blood with his family members? Not saying anything can make you feel like you’re leaving him out in the cold but, if you do voice your opinion you can find yourself out in the cold because after all…blood is thicker than water, right?

Don’t Be Nosey

So what if you were ear hustling while he was on the phone and already know the details about the family beef… let him tell you! I repeat, “Let him tell you!” Do not play Inspector Gadget and snoop for the details surrounding the drama. This means no calls, text, emails or visits to his family’s house or trying to pull it out of him. It’s normal to feel like you are close enough to take matters into your own hands but keep in mind this is family business and in all actuality, you aren’t family, therefore, some things may not be appropriate for you to get involved in. And in reality if the issue is enough for his family to be upset with him and vice versa then who are you? Play it safe and let him tell you what’s going on.

No Unsolicited Advice

Do not voice your opinion unless asked but do so with caution. Your opinion can either add fuel to the fire (giving him even more ammunition to be upset) or if your response seems more supportive towards the opponent then he’s going to feel like you’re not supporting him. So what’s the best advice when asked? Well, the best thing to do is wait to be asked your opinion and try to stay as neutral to both sides as possible.

One Mouth and Two Ears are for a Reason

One thing you don’t want is to ever speak on a situation that your spouse is involved in that doesn’t directly involve you! It doesn’t matter if it’s his mama (a.k.a. your second mother), his sister (whom you have long shopping dates with) or his father (who happens to always give the best birthday gifts) just be all ears and listen. Why? Because people have an amazing way of taking one word an individual speaks and spinning it into a sentence or even a paragraph or two. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll be involved in an unauthorized game of telephone. You know that fun game you played as a kid except this time it won’t be a laughing matter.

You may be the peacemaker in your family and what works for yours may not work for others. The best thing to do is let your man ‘save the drama for his Mama’ and any other family member involved!

Written By: Tahanee

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