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Image 1: [Gay little boy. Retrieved January 9, 2015] From:
“Live and let live” is a familiar phrase but does that saying apply to children who happen to have gay peers? Parents have the final say so when it comes to what is and isn’t allowed in their child’s life. But is keeping them away from gay children an act of discrimination?

Stay Away – It’s a choice and not a lifestyle that some parents choose not to support. Keeping their children away from peers who hold interest in the same sex could be viewed by some as simply protecting their child from what they may view as corruption.

Each One Teach One – It’s important to explain to children that although their peers may appear to be the same externally that internally they are different. The most important message is spreading love– not hate. Jack isn’t always going to like Jill. He may hold a deeper interest in Justin and that’s OK.

Hear Them Out – Listen to how your child perceives things. If they can’t identify or have even taken notice to their peers interest then maybe it’s time to have the discussion of homosexuality.

Ultimately, parents are responsible for protecting and teaching their children the ways of the world, but one day that child will become an adult and the decision to love and accept will be theirs.

Written By: Tahanee

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