Like most fashionable women we here at EGL Fashion follow an abundance of Instagram Boutiques. From clothing boutiques, hair boutiques, makeup and many more we have heard and experienced numerous horror stories of what is featured on these sites and what is delivered to us. Don’t worry ladies and gents you aren’t the only ones that are weary about these boutiques. We wanted to give you the pros and cons when ordering from these boutiques and let you in our some of our favorite sellers.

Let’s start with the pros shall we?

Pro #1: Supporting IG Boutiques usually means supporting small black businesses: We all know a friend or a friend of a friend who has started an IG Boutique. It is always good to support people who are trying to become an entrepreneur. What better way of putting money back into our community then supporting a black owned business.    

Pro #2: You more likely to find one-of-a-kind pieces: A lot of artists sell their unique pieces on IG. You won’t have to worry about a main retailer carrying your beloved piece. You also have more freedom to customize your order to tweak it to your liking.

Pro #3: You can build a relationship with the seller: Let’s be real. It’s very rare that you walk into the department store and you are able to speak to the person who made the item/or is selling the item you are about to purchase. With Instagram’s direct messaging you can inquire about the item you have your eye one before pulling out your credit card.

We hate to do it but let’s talk about the cons:

Con #1: There is no guarantee you are going to get what you paid for: We have all had horror stories of what you saw & purchased on Instagram and what was delivered to you. We suggest before purchasing anything from an unknown boutique you read the comments. Customers are very vocal in the comment sections and will be sure to tell the seller about their dissatisfaction. Customers also have no problem letting other potential customers know to ABORT MISSION if they are thinking about ordering anything from that particular boutique.

Con #2: Shipping: Shipping with a lot of these boutiques take forever. The reason for this may be one of two things. First, the order may be custom and it takes times to create your item. Secondly, your purchase might originally come from a wholesaler (a lot of times these places are in Asia) and may be caught up in customs. The seller has no control over that but all in all it isn’t your fault either. It safe to ask the seller if the item you are about to order is in stock and ready to be shipped.

Con #3: Sizing: Now ladies and gents! Like we mentioned above since many wholesalers are based in Asia the sizing a lot of times is not accurate. You may purchase a size 8 but when your item arrives it’s more like a size 2 (you can breathe a sigh of relief you are NOT the only one this has happened to). Please contact the seller and ask them how the item runs before you order it.

Now on to what you have been waiting on:  

The boutiques that never fail us.

Like we mentioned we follow a gang of boutiques but these are a few that do us justice time and time again!

Kloset Envy

Always on top of their game and constantly turning over new merchandise we LOVE THEM! From outerwear, beachwear, swimwear and accessories that never fail us.

Kaoir Fitness

Starting with their sweatbands now to a full fitness line we love their products. We also adore how they show their clients results while using their products. Who doesn’t want your hard work featured on the IG page who helped your accomplish your weight loss goals!

Tag YOUR #RideOrDie!! #WorkoutPartners 4 Life!

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Coloured Raine

If you have never tried a Coloured Raine lippie before you are doing yourself a major disservice. These long lasting lipsticks are amazing! The packing is exquisite and their shipping is quick.

Yelle Beauty

Hair by the bundles! We all know how we feel about quality hair at an amazing price. That’s what Yelle is serving us.With constant specials and super sales we are mega fans of this brand!  

Get @yandysmith 's look with four bundles of our Cape Verdean Exotic Curl ???????????? #yellebeauty

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Luxury Snob

This is the mother of all Instagram consignment stores in our opinion. With over 326k followers we have a feeling we aren’t wrong. If you can’t find a luxury item you need not worry but 9 times out of 10 Luxury Snob can find it for you. Quality luxury items at a fraction of the cost has our IG names written all over it.

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