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Shea Moisture’s new marketing attempt to woo a new consumer base backfired immediately. The company launched a campaign that failed to acknowledge its central audience and biggest supporters, African-American women.


“Brands that didn’t service women of color for decades are all of the sudden creating campaigns for them to go after that because of the growth they’ve seen come from us,” Shea Moisture’s CEO and founder Richelieu Dennis acknowledged Monday. “The competition that we now see, puts businesses like ours at risk.”

The company’s personal care products have catered to black women for over 20 years. In most recent years, (thanks to the natural hair movement), the Black hair care market have undergone a profitable transformation. Black consumers demand products that will enhance their natural beauty and are most willing to pay for it than their counterparts.

According to Nielsen, African-American consumers spend 9 times more on ethic-targeted beauty and grooming products than the general market. Nielsen suggests that Black women particularly spend an estimated $7.5 billion annually on beauty products which is 80% more than all other consumers.

Looks like the marketing team for Shea Moisture didn’t get the memo until their new campaign launched and pissed off their biggest spenders. The backlash and anger on social media proved that the consumers were not happy with the company’s marketing direction. The company has since removed the ad but it’s safe to say that the damage control was behind schedule.

“Wow, okay – so guys, listen, we really f**ked this one up,” Shea Moisture stated in an issued apology after removing the ad from social media.

Some black women were already concerned with the content and the company’s apology may have come too late of reckoning. Let’s hope not for the sake of Shea Moisture.

Written By: Plychette Montgomery


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