spring garden with red roses.

Have you ever felt like you were giving yourself to everyone except yourself? Do you feel your life is constantly on the go and making sure the kids are taken care of and the house maintained all while making sure you are providing financially to the household? So, where do you fit in the equation? Moms tend to get lost in the daily shuffle and wonder if they can get their groove back. The answer is you can! Here are some tips to getting your swag back:

  1. Take a Break: With all the running around and taking care of others, you deserve a break. Single moms often wonder how can they take a break from their children and life responsibilities, well it is simple, take small breaks. Even if it is just running errands alone, take that opportunity to stop by a coffee shop and sit and drink that coffee alone in peace. Take small chances to get that alone time.
  2. Indulge: Take time to enjoy the things that you love. Moms tend to forget that we like to write poetry or long to join that Soul Cycle class. Whatever it is that you enjoy you should indulge and have fun with it. Do something that does not involve your kids, partner or anyone else. Do something for YOU! Go get your hair done, nails done and have some fun mama!
  3. Buy Something Nice: Did you like that dress you saw on the rack? What about those pair of heels? After looking at the price tag you decide to put it away because your child needs a new pair of shoes. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF LAST! Make yourself feel special and buy that item guilt free.
  4. Date Yourself: It is important to spend some time alone. You do not always have to have someone with you to do something for yourself. Treat yourself to the spa and enjoy a relaxing weekend getting an overdue massage. Take yourself to the movies and you do not have to share your popcorn either. When you spend time with yourself, you will be refreshed and have that energy to be that amazing mom that you are!

So yes you can get your SWAG BACK! The best way to get your sexy swag back is to make sure you take care of YOU! There is nothing sexier than a mama who is enjoying life and doing something for herself!

Written by: Keke Waldon, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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