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Do you remember what your first sexual experience was like? Where you were, who it was with and how you it changed you??

Having sex for the first time for most women happens around the age of 17. Then there’s me — The rare case of the inexperienced late 20-something virgin. Having conversation with friends, sharing experiences and taking it all in, how could I not be curious? My curiosity finally peaked to the point of action.

Netflix and chill is real, folks! Don’t let the naysayers tell you any different. Although the movie that was playing on my TV screen was entertaining and one of my favorites to be honest, I had no interest. Kissing was the only thing on my mind.

Kissing can cause a waterfall if done properly. I clearly was either out of practice or I wasn’t being kissed the right way. Butterflies and a nervousness rushed my body. Every lip, neck and ear bite sent my body into overdrive.

His body’s reaction to my kisses and bites also did something to my insides. Who knew that I could have this kind of power and control? As eye-opening as this makeout session was, I wanted more. But I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Kissing the other set of lips…now that is next level. When he suggested it, it was like he was reading my mind. I wanted to feel his lips on my other set. I guess I was giving off that energy or he could just know me really well. Either way, it was about to go down!

He asked, “Can I taste you?” I nodded in nervousness. He said, “I need to hear you say yes.” The reason I gave a non-verbal answer was I didn’t want my voice to disappear on me. I told you, NERVES! I whispered, “Yes” and it all of a sudden got HOT! My body began to heat up instantly.

He continued his soft kisses down my neck and chest. He swiftly removed my jeans and underwear in one swipe. He got into position and stared into my eyes. Again, my nerves!!! My mind was going wild. My body felt out of control. He asked, “Are you ready?” I wanted to scream NOOOOOOO but YESSSSSSSS! I finally said, “Yes.”

All of a sudden my eyes were in the back of my head. Overwhelmed is an understatement. I honestly can’t describe the feeling that was running through my body. So many emotions and feelings. The way he moved his tongue around was otherworldly! The climax truly brought tears to my eyes. I felt so vulnerable. But at the same time I felt safe and secure and…

Awkward.  I also felt awkward. After making eye contact, I wanted to crawl into a shell. He flashed that boyish smile that made me weak in the knees from day one. I instantly covered my face and my nervous smile. He said, “There’s no need to be shy now.” I peeked through my fingers and he was licking his lips like he enjoyed his plate on Thanksgiving. Then he said, “You taste just like I imagined. Perfect.  So sweet.” Shyness took over once again. He pulled me up and embraced me. There it was again. Safe.  I felt safe.  No longer shy and most of all relaxed.

I have nothing else to compare this experience to. Of course there are so many more firsts for me to experience in the intimacy department, but this was the perfect introduction to this brand new world.

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