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[A couple sleeping]. Retrieved May 2, 2016. From https://www.tumblr.com/search/teen-wolf-picture-preference
[A couple sleeping]. Retrieved May 2, 2016. From https://www.tumblr.com/search/teen-wolf-picture-preference
At first, the thought of having sex every night is exciting and we’re sure you felt a little tinge in your nether regions. Eventually, however, the thought of having sex seems more like a chore that needs to be scheduled. Of course, it’s very rare that you will find a man who does not want to have sex with his wife; usually, the wives are the ones who are not necessarily interested in sex quite as much.

Biology and gender roles have a lot to do with the discrepancy in desire. Women’s hormones are fluid and in a constant state of movement every single day of each month. Men’s hormones are a lot more steady. Also, women are normally the primary caretakers and nurturers, taking on the lion’s share of duties with respect to the home and children. So, yes, when she says she is tired, she really is!

But, ladies, sex should not be a chore. It is an act of endearment, a way to connect spiritually, as well as physically. Here are five reasons why you should have sex with your husband every night.

Heightened Femininity

There is something so NOT sexy about being covered in baby upchuck, folding sheets and washing dishes. Although being a mother is one of the most expressive forms of womanhood, it leaves women feeling, well, stripped of femininity. Being kissed, being touched and letting your husband make you his playground daily will help restore the fiery feeling the poopy diapers took away.

Alone Time

Remember when you couldn’t wait to see your boo? Those days fade quickly once reality of responsibilities set in. Sex happens only between the two of you – unless you are more adventurous – and it’s a way to make your marriage feel more open and more secure.

Stress Relief

Bills. Work. Children. Parents. Siblings. Nosey neighbors. Changing seasons. Death. We all stress, but sex is a great remedy for that! Sex releases the body’s natural “feel good” hormone. Aside from relieving stress, it also boosts self-esteem and happiness.

The More You Do It, The More You Want To

When your sex life is actively healthy, you actually want to do it. You begin to crave that attention and desire from your partner.


Well, duh! It’s fun! Trying various positions to find what works for you both is fun and satisfying.

So, no more excuses. Cast all your cares aside and get to loving on your boo thang. Besides, more sex leads to a better quality of life and isn’t that the whole point?


Written By: Carla DuPont Huger, Relationships Contributor


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