(Photo: Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman/ Harpar Bazaar
Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman/ Harpar Bazaar

World Champion Serena Williams knows a thing or two when it comes to tennis, fashion and being an all-around entrepreneur. But what about the love and relationship field? After dating Hip Hop rapper Drake over the summer, she just might know a few things and can give us some helpful tips in that area.  In a special
“Dear Abby” styled article with Harper’s Bazaar, the tennis star offers her best relationship advice to readers in a column entitled “Dear Serena.”

From having sexy confidence, to finding out the true meaning of
“Netflix and Chill,” Serena shares her best advice to potential and future lovers.

Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman/ Harpar Bazaar
Photo Credit: Douglas Friedman/ Harpar Bazaar

While she is known for slaying red carpets and photo shoots with her amazing confidence and toned physique, one valuable piece of advice Serena offers her readers is to find strength in being sexy and confident while dating and being in relationships.

“Being sexy is really about how you carry yourself. Strength and confidence equal sexy. First you need to identify where the self doubt is coming from. Be confident of you inner strength and beauty and that will be reflected on the outside.

And with Valentine’s Day coming up soon, the tennis champ really doesn’t believe in lovers holiday as she feels it should be celebrated everyday “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I think you should try to make everyday special. It’s the little things that count.”

One reader even asked Serena the true meaning of “Netflix and Chill” as they thought it was just watching Netflix and Chilling.

She replied: “I have to tell you, I thought it was the same thing. When I say “Netflix and chill,” that’s what I mean. I guess you and I are just old fashion- if you can call Netflix old-fashioned!

To catch more of Serena’s love tips visit here! You can also visit our relationship section for the best advice.

By Tiffany Hercules


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