Before you wish for something different or better or easier, take a moment to plant your feet and acknowledge your existence in a sprinkle of time that will inevitably fade, but not before you inhale the possibility that exists just because you exist.

Sounds like something a person with a perfect life and perfect credit score would say, right? You know the person who couldn’t have a off day if they tried; even if they accidentally set their morning alarm for 5:45 p.m.? Or the person who takes a glass half full straight to the head after chasing a shot of wheatgrass? We may never fully become that person, but we could stand to learn a lot from people who satiate themselves in their lives, taking up space because they understand that every single moment is a seed for their next harvest.

If you’re half-stepping through your life, tiptoeing around challenges and upsets, it could be because you’re afraid to be introduced to your potential. Moving in and out of space in this world without taking occupancy and learning what you need and don’t need is a muddy sojourning. Take a load off and some tips on how to occupy and own the moments that define who you are.




Authenticity is a daily vitamin. It’s perfectly fine to admit that you don’t have it all together. Sometimes owning a moment is being able to share what you do know. Equally so is being able to share what you can learn. Why burden your steps with the weight of who you’re pretending to be?

Take your follow back. Have you ever become so consumed with the social lives of people that you start to feel real stank about your own freaking life? It’s so easy to fall down that rabbit hole when highlight reels are looping on full display. Take back the time and energy you spend swiping and scrolling to see how exciting it is to be you. Choose to unfollow any social media accounts that make you question your looks, your love, or your life. Consider what others may have lost to gain what you find irresistible.

“No” is an answer.  A huge part of owning self-defining moments protecting your space from jagged people or unhealthy habits that cause you to leak your essence. Don’t feel guilty for severing ties or denying yourself to create a space that proves “safe” even exists. You’ll notice when you pay attention to yourself what triggers heaviness and anxiety. When people attempt to override barriers that you have established, don’t be afraid to educate them on what those barriers are and inform them that you won’t be negotiating for your peace.

Risk being uncomfortable. Take note of how you respond to moments that stretch your own belief in yourself. Have you ever seen a butterfly carrying its cocoon? The risk a caterpillar takes to encapsulate itself, to be alone, to change, to stretch its capacity, to leave what’s familiar to become a more magnificent version of itself, is all worth the reward of becoming a butterfly. Where can you say yes to a moment that will give you wings?

What discoveries have brought you more self-revelation? Help someone by sharing your story.

Written By: Ashley Littles

Follow Ashley on Instagram: @moxiedmama


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