Woman frustrated with friend for using phone while driving.

Social media is a major aspect of most people’s lives. Now, on top of the already difficult task of navigating your way through new relationships, is figuring out when, how, or if you should post your person. There are memes about the process women go through introducing their new bae to Instagram. A slow process of pictures being posted alluding to the fact that someone is in the picture. Men can be even more elusive, and haven’t we all heard the infamous, “I don’t like everyone in my business…I’m a private person” line? What are the rules? What if you post them but they never post you? Does it mean anything? Should you make a fuss about it?



The hardest questions to answer are the ones that have no right or wrong answer. It’s difficult to see your significant other post about everything in their life except you. People are worried about being made to look like a fool posting someone that they think is down for them only to find out that that’s not the case. When your significant other won’t post you, your mind is going to be racing a million miles a minute making up reasons why. You don’t know if it’s that they’re not taking you seriously or if they just don’t see any longevity in your situation.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is that they have other situations or want to appear single on social media to keep their options open. Most of us have been at that awkward point of deciding if we should delete pictures we’d posted of an ex boo. Why not make it easier by not posting any to begin with? Here’s what Roger, 36, had to say:

“Before it was just standard to tell people you love them and show them you love them, but that damn social media made things difficult. If you have a significant other and don’t post them, it either looks like you’re ashamed of them or you’re trying to keep it low because you got some other prospects on your friend list. If it’s my girl, and I’m serious, why not post her? But if there’s something about her that makes me feel like we don’t have a future, nah, I’m not posting her. Her temporary ass might mess up a potential long-term situation.”

We all want to be shown off and our significant other posting us gives us a sense of security in not only how they feel about us but the fact that they want to tell the world about us. While it feels great to be flaunted, your significant other posting you is no real indication on how they view you or your relationship. Some people are very public about their love interest and still cheat while others may have a social media page that has no mention of their lover and they’re faithful. Your man not posting you shouldn’t be a deal breaker– especially if there are no other red flags.



Written by: Ayana Conry

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