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It’s here…

The anxiety and anticipation that comes along with #TGIT is back! “How to Get Away With Murder” is gracing our screens yet again to continue where it left off during the Season 4 mid season finale. And per usual, we’re an emotional wreck. Anxious to see what’s next, but stressed as hell to see how everything is about to turn out.

There were so many cliff-hangers throughout the last two episodes of the mid-season finale, it’s almost hard to keep up. But picking back up where we left off, one of the biggest plot twists will hopefully tell us what led up to Laurel resting in a pool of her own blood with her newborn struggling to breathe right next to her. According to TV Guide, program creator Pete Nowalk confirmed with them that it would be a little too optimistic to believe he’s safe and sound in the NICU of the hospital when the show returns next week. And with drugs being found in Laurel’s system when they admitted her, there’s definitely more to the story. As a matter of fact, the teaser clip below is saying that there was a shooting.

Not to mention, we still need answers about who fathered Laurel’s child – Wes or Frank?

As nerve-racking as it is, we only have a handful of episodes left! And while in traditional HTGAM fashion, we’re certain that we won’t get all the answers we want quick and upfront. Nevertheless, we hope we get enough. We’re looking forward to yelling at our television screens tonight in hopes that Annalise and the crew will take our advice for once.

Checkout the trailer!

“How to Get Away with Murder” airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC. Tune in with us!

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