laserAre you tired of shaving or getting razor bumps? If so, then laser hair removal is indeed the solution to your unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is the utilization of pulsating beams of light that is used in removing unwanted hair from diverse places such as the face, arm and the bikini area.  The laser targets the melanin in the shaft of the hair in an effort to damage the hair follicle, which helps to prevent future hair growth. Inflamed and bumpy skin caused by ingrown hair is often improved following treatment.

Laser can be used for most if not all skin types. Patients who keep up with the process through constant visits, (5-8 weeks) generally see great results. It is very effective once the necessary steps are followed. It slows the hair growth process but doesn’t always completely eliminate.

Laser hair removal is extremely popular to date and is done in many informal settings such as salons and spa however, a trained, certified professional is always best for the task.


  • Meet with dermatologist or laser specialist
  • Discuss medical history
  • Examine the area that is to be treated
  • Discuss cost and the pros and cons of the laser hair removal procedure
  • Area to be treated can be shaved prior to treatment but should never be waxed or plucked
  • Patient will be educated about the importance of moisturizers containing SPF


  • Area to be treated will be cleansed
  • Topical anesthetic added if needed
  • Eyes will be covered with goggles
  • Laser beam will be penetrated through skin to the tiny follicles the and damage the hair
  • Treatment time varies depending on the area to be treated


  • Redness and swelling for a few hours
  • Area should be gently washed with soap and water and moisturized with a cream that contains SPF that helps to prevent sunburn

For more information regarding laser surgery, please contact your local health care professional or dermatologist.

Written By: Sasha-lee Moodie

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