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Being strong and keeping the family together is much more rewarding than tearing it apart. However many members live in your home are how many different personalities you will have. Each one brings their own something special to the mix. Let’s look at key points to encourage Black Family Magic!

Make love deposits…

In order to make withdrawals (love, support, trust, laughter, quality time) from your spouse, you have to make deposits (love, support, trust, laughter, quality time) into your marriage bank. Be active on a daily basis engaging with your spouse and your children as well. Part of the magic of family is having people in your corner who have your back. Each of you should feel that love and support.

Quality Time…

Make it a point to spend quality time with your hubs and children together and apart. You should schedule things that all of you can do together, such as movie night at home, cooking a family favorite or walking around the block to find out what happened in each other’s days. Also, find time to have individual time with each member of your family. Date nights with each child is just as important as date nights with the hubs.

 Learn love languages…

Four people in one household can interpret love in four different ways. Find out how those in your household feel loved and show them more of that. Do they like gifts? Surprise them with small ‘thinking of you’ trinkets. Do they need to see deeds? Write a small note of encouragement.

Celebrate your uniqueness…

Although families usually have common threads, you each have something that makes you tick. Is one of you into art? Take the family on a painting excursion. Does Dad have a love for music? Let the family listen to him play. Share in the different hobbies and passions you all have to open a new element of excitement in the home.


Holding grudges is easy. Exercising forgiveness can be tricky. Usually, when your hubs or kids hurt your feelings, it’s unintentional. Take some time to cool down before reacting and encourage them to do the same. Talk about it later so you both have clear expectations going forward.

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Written By: Carla Dupont Huger

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