Photo Credit: Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for “Orange is the New Black” Season 4.

Season 4 of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black was a very traumatic season. Fan-Favorite, Poussey Washington, played by Samira Wiley was killed by an untrained prison guard.

In an interview with Variety, Washington opens up about her death on the show and what it really meant.

People come out in waves on the internet. And they would never do or say things like this in real life. But people are pissed. People are either really, really, really upset and mad and angry and threatening to do something violent, or they’re profoundly sad and wrecked,” Washington said.

Although it may seem as Poussey’s death came out of no where, it did not! The heartbreaking scene was a mirror of what is going in America daily and how Black Lives Matter.

This is not thoughtless. It is a senseless death, but it’s not a thoughtless decision on the part of the show. It echoes so many deaths that have happened in the last year, even. Eric Garner. Mike Brown. This happens in real life, and people are so upset.”

The scene was specifically linked to the real life deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, as well as the “I can’t breath” movement.

Samira was proud to be apart in the Black Lives Matter themed episode. She doesn’t want fans to be upset with the show, but upset with the fact that Poussey’s death is the same way African Americans are dying daily.

I want them to be upset this is a thing that happens in real life,” she said. “I’m hoping that they direct that toward what’s going on in the real world, and are not just upset at the show for reflecting what’s happening in real life.”

If you have not started season 4 of “Orange is the the New Black” head over to Netflix right now.

Written By: Marshay Rice


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