Immunization is one of the most argumentative subjects. For some vaccination is a priority and for others, it’s a priority to not get their child vaccinated. However, it’s national immunization month and school is back in session. I have created a list of reasons I believe immunization is important.

Immunization is important because it helps protect you and everyone around you. Vaccines are shots given to fight off infectious diseases. Diseases such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough. These diseases are still current in today’s society.

Immunization can save you money.

Opting out of the vaccinations can have an effect on your child in the future. He or she can get sick because the chemicals their body needs to fight off a particular infection wasn’t given. This will end up costing you doctor fees. However, if you choose to get your child vaccinated it will save you some unwanted doctor fees.

Immunization can protect your child’s future.

Small pox was a disease that killed many people in generations before you and me. Now children don’t have to get vaccinated because the disease no longer exist. Vaccination helps kill off diseases and germs so that future generations don’t have to be treated for it.

Although, this is a very argumentative topic, I believe that in honor of immunization month it’s safe to say, “Save a life by getting vaccinated.”

Written by Johnakeshia, Staff Writer, Modern Domestic



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