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Photo Credit: All Def Digital
Photo Credit: All Def Digital

There are some celebrities who not only talk the talk but are prepared to walk the walk.  Hip Hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons, along with multi-platform brand All Def Digital (ADD), has decided to host his own movie awards, just days before the esteemed Oscar Awards.

Simmons said “I don’t expect a 90-year-old academy member to see ‘Straight Outta Compton or vote for it. I’m more concerned that in 2016 there continues to be a stunning lack of diversity in the studios, in the greenlight process, in the decisions of what films and television series get made and what actors get chosen.”

Due to the outcry against the lack of diversity from actors, directors and other industry trendsetters, Simmons’ All Def Digital Movie Awards will take place February 24, just blocks away from the Oscars. The ceremony’s black carpet, music performances and interviews can be viewed live-stream from all ADD social media channels. The public can cast votes for each category until midnight February 23rd. The awards show will be hosted by this year’s Oscar host’s youngest brother and controversial comedian, Tony Rock.

Like any “Def” established program, there are bound to be lots of laughs. Adding to popular categories like Best Picture and Best Director, All Def Movie Awards will hand out awards for Best Bad Muh F—ka, Best Black Survivor in a Movie and Best Helpful White Person.  The “prestige” that exemplify Oscar glory will definitely not be present at this award show, but it looks like there is much to add and gain from this festival.

The All Def Movie Awards are not the Black Oscars, but they could be. This will be a fun, entertaining and hopefully thought provoking celebration of the uncelebrated,” said Simmons.

What will the fashion depict? Will it be black tie and formal, similar to its counterpart The Academy Awards, or will it be colorful and artistic like The MTV Movie Awards?  As for those who stood up for the Oscar boycott, will they be in attendance? Spike Lee and Will Smith have publically stated they won’t be attending the Oscars but does that mean they will be attending Russell Simmons’ latest effort to establish an award show specifically highlighting diversity in its own unique and, apparently, comical way? Last but not least, will you be watching?

Don’t forget to tune in to All Def Digital on February 24!

Written by Melody Lucas


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