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At some point in our lives we have all had to share a space with someone, being our parents, siblings or just friends. While no one is able to choose what family they are born into, you can surely choose your roommate and living situation –especially in the kitchen. Here are some tips that will making sharing a kitchen with roommates a breeze.

Slices of cold messy leftover pizza in a delivery box.
Slices of cold messy leftover pizza in a delivery box.

If You Didn’t Pay For It, Don’t Eat It

You will be surprised by the amount of people who actually miss this memo. As simple as it may be, a lot of people lack respect for other’s belongings. Don’t be the rude roomie who steals food. If your house-mate came home with leftovers, it was for one reason … to eat it later!

Everyone Should Be The Chef, One Day

It’s not fair to only have one person slaving in the kitchen. Try to come up with a system or schedule so that everyone is stirring the pot equally. If cooking isn’t your thing and your roomie loves it, make an arrangement to always clean if he/she always cooks!

Dirty dishes on bright background
Dirty dishes on bright background

If You Dirty It, You Wash It

Point. Blank. Period. If you dirty it, wash it! No one wants to clean up behind another grown-up. Go ahead and wash the dish after you use it. Try not to let dishes pile up, that’s completely gross and unsanitary! Be courteous to your roomies and living space by eliminating dirty dishes.

Never Borrow Without Asking

When you move into a place with a roommate, you never come empty handed. Both of you should have items to offer. Often in the kitchen, some of the kitchen utensils may belong to your roommate. Try not to go hauling into their items without them knowing it. After all, kitchenware and products can be really expensive, if something happens to the item and your roommate found out you were using it without them knowing… well you’re screwed.

Figure Out A Common Ground For Groceries

Having expenses with a roommate can be extremely uncomfortable, especially in the kitchen. Why? Because unlike regular bills, groceries don’t come with a pre-made balance. So sometime’s there’s no halfing the total. Figure out how you and your roommate will keep food in the house. Decide up front if you would like to allot a certain amount of money to bills each month and share the groceries or if you would rather both bring in groceries and only eat what’s yours.

Are you thinking about getting a roomie? Or do you already have one? What are some ways you share your kitchen space? Comment and let us know!

Written By: Triena Deniese, MD Editor At Large



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