As of lately social media has been buzzing (damn near yelling) about this new fad of male rompers. Better yet known to the masses at “RompHim”. When pictures of men in “RompHims” first launched it practically broke the internet and some phones because we definitely dropped ours. Let’s look pass the millions of memes and Instagram spoofs of men in the now famous fits and see what the uproar is about and if we would see our significant others in this get up.

Male onesies are not a new trend. Blue collar workers have been wearing the “boilersuit” for years. You can swing by any mechanic shop in the 50 states and we guarantee you will find a couple of men in these.


Photo Credit: Amazon on June 9th, 2017

The “boilersuit” is defined as “a one-piece garment with full-length sleeves and legs like a jumpsuit, but usually less tight-fitting.” You see ladies! It is not a foreign as you may think. At first made for comfort and protection now it’s being used a fashion statement (similar to what happened with denim).

When this topic was first brought to us we JUDGED! How could men wear something that has we have been rocking for some time now. Many women wear rompers for comfort-so why can’t men? It wasn’t until we saw stars like Young Dro rocking this fad that we started having a change of heart. His rendition of the RompHim was one we could get down with. Dro paired his fit with white espadrilles and a matching pink hat.

Photo credit: Young Dro Instagram on June 9th, 2017

There was another fashionable celebrity who pulled off this look successfully. Can anyone guess who? None other than Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton. Cam’s accessories stood out the most to  us. With his beaded bracelets, straw hat and sunglasses, we have to give it up to him because most men wouldn’t dare attempt this look.

Photo credit: People on June 10th, 2017

Honestly, if done right we are not hating this trend .Please don’t get it misconstrued-we don’t love it but we can appreciate it. After all, we are fashion lovers  and we are open to new looks. On top of that, men such as Style Influencer, Harrison Crite, makes this trend look DOPE! Affectionately known as Mr. RompHim, he continuously shows that this style shouldn’t be mocked but admired.  

Photo Credit: Instagram @IamHDiddy
Photo Credit: Instagram @IamHDiddy
Photo Credit: Instagram @IamHDiddy
Photo Credit: Instagram @IamHDiddy

The fashion industry is making a killing off the RompHim, online stores such as  ASOS has been selling them like hotcakes and we can see why. They make the RompHim look wearable and most of all affordable. So even if your hubby purchases them and only wears them once it won’t hurt his pockets.


Photo credit: ASOS on January 9th, 2017
Photo credit: ASOS on January 9th, 2017

Of course Twitter went crazy instantaneously. Like Bim Adewunmi said,

We initially understood the uproar until we saw the diversity in this look. All we could imagine was our fellas rocking our floral rompers with timbs or sneakers but now that there is a variety of RompHims we are suddenly coming to terms with it. Let’s be honest, after seeing celebrities rock it, can you see your mate wearing this fad? We want to hear from our readers!

Written by: Crystal Stoute



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