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Wake up. Get the kids up. Get ready for work. Fight traffic. Get kids to school. Fight traffic. Bang out a long day of meetings and heartbreaking work. Deal with irritating co-workers. Figure out dinner. Fight traffic. Get home. Chores. Homework. Shower and bed.

The monotony.

Chances are, sex during the week isn’t all that great if you manage to get in nooky time at all. Somebody’s tired, usually us ladies. Somebody’s head hurts, again, usually us ladies. What if sex really was an escape? You don’t need a closet full of lace and leashes to make role-playing fun, although toys are suggestively optional. A little imagination and humor is all you need to step out of the box for a little role…play.

You can always start with the fantasies you already have, you know the ones you are afraid to try in real life. Or, start with these familiar basics.

Meet for the first time. This one is cool because you can start at a restaurant or bar and keep it going until you get home. Or maybe you’ll only make it to the car. Either way, you’re taking sex out of the bedroom. Dress differently than you normally would, even splurge on a wig. There is no need to warn him, surprise him as a new woman.

Stripper. You’ve seen this played over and over in movies and on TV shows; perhaps you’ve been to a real strip club. Dress up in clear heels and a scantily clad, barely-there, everythang (yes, everythang) hanging out outfit. Pick a few songs and practice moves a day or two beforehand. Don’t forget the one dollar bills from the bank on the way home.

Massage therapist. This takes nothing but oil or lotion. The heat is turned up, literally, with you rubbing him up and down, pressing your naked body on his. In the words of Drake, this one will take you from, “Zero to 100 real quick!”

Teacher-Student. Any guy will tell you, at some point they had a crush on one of their teachers. This scenario is good if your hubs needs direction to get you off. His punishment for not turning homework will be you, the teacher, ‘instructing’ him on what to do for an optimal climax.

Hotel maid and guest. This is perfect for a staycation weekend. Hotel sex is always amazing. When packing your bag, include a skimpy maid outfit that shows, you know, assets. When he thinks you’re settling in for the night, take a shower and wow him coming out dressed up. Throw on a hat and a feather duster for perks.

As always, when trying new things sexually, set boundaries. If none of these ideas appeal to you, there is plenty of free inspiration on the x-rated web.

Warning: After beginning to role-play, you will not be able to keep your hands off of each other.

Written By: Carla DuPont Huger

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