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Greg Doherty/Getty Images
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Is there trouble in paradise? Rumors have been swirling that Rob Kardashian was M.I.A.  for his spinoff reality show with fiancé Blac Chyna. Some speculate that the 29-year-old Arthur George CEO feared the reality show may ruin his relationship. Sounds legit but a close source told ET  that this is  “nothing new” for Rob.

He is just going through one of his mood swings, which is common for him,” the source said. “But he is still filming.”

“He goes through his dark periods,” the source added.“He gets depressed and doesn’t want to really do anything, doesn’t leave the house. It got better for a bit when he first started dating Chyna, but he’s in a rut now. He’ll snap out of it.” 

If you remember, Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West tied the knot two years ago in a lavish ceremony in Italy. Unfortunately, Rob reportedly ditched the wedding because he feared  being photographed with his extra weight gain.

During an interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Watch What Happen Live, Kim said that  “He sent me a long email the morning of that he was going to leave.”

Hopefully, things are back on track! We can’t wait to see Rob and Blac Chyna’s reality show. Hopefully, they’ll diverge on their wedding plans and soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Written By: Cynthia Casimir


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