“When I make music, I make it to be understood.. I hope that when people hear it, they are connected to it.” – Dope Diana

Hailing from East Atlanta, female Hip-hop artist Dope Diana drops an enlightening documentary titled “From Nothing.” Influenced by artists such as J. Cole and Lauryn Hill, Diana incorporates melodic lyrics and soulful hip-hop beats to tell life experiences. The recent release is a spin-off from her buzzing single “From Nothing,” which is a very captivating journey of an up-and-coming Atlanta rapper who’s searching for success. What’s likable about the short presentation is its realistic grit of the underground music scene that could very well be relatable to other rappers on their grind. A petite presence but with a big voice, the documentary starts off at Diana’s spot. The ambience is intimate, the laptop is up and she performs a collab called “Baby Back,” which embodies the energy of the 90s.

As the “From Nothing” documentary continues, Diana goes into more of an interview setting as the scene transitions back and forth. The 23-year-old mentioned she began her journey “with writing for expression.” Poetry was her way into the art form of hip-hop. Growing up with two older brothers helped mold her into the woman she is, demanding respect and keeping integrity within her brand. The documentary is more relevant than what the producers and Dope Diana may have intended it to be, in light of recent events involving Azealia Banks, Cardi B., and Nicki Minaj. There is plenty of room in music entertainment for every female hip-hop artist to have a lane productively and viewing an underground femcee sheds relevance.

Dope Diana hopes to become a hugely successful artist and entrepreneur in the near future, and she just might be on her way.

Check out “From Nothing”- Dope Diana Documentary

“From Nothing” documentary of Dope Diana is an LMC films production at Georgia Tech (Director: Vivan Hoang, Producer: Lexi Scott, Cinematographer: Jackson Vance and Editor: Bintou Sillah).

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Written By: Kendra “Ke’Ke” Scott


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