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Rihanna Turns Down Super Bowl Halftime Show in Support of Colin Kaepernick

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Rihanna showed support for former NFL star Colin Kaepernick and dubbed the NFL.

According to Us Weekly, Bad Gal RiRi declined an offer after she was allegedly asked to headline the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show. Rihanna reportedly “doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance.”

Colin Kaepernick is known for kneeling during the national anthem in protest against police brutality and racial injustices. As a result, the athlete was blackballed from the NFL and has been a free agent since 2016.

Reportedly, league officials included Maroon 5, and reportedly Cardi B is up in the air to perform.

Stay tuned for the official announcement on who will be the headliner for Super Bowl LIII.

Solange’s New Album Will Drop This Fall

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The moment fans have been waiting for is here! Solange’s new album is set to release this fall, according to a teaser she gave New York Times Magazine.

According to the Times, the album was recorded in New Orleans, Jamaica and California’s Topanga Canyon, and it was mixed in Los Angeles.

Solange says the new album will likely arrive into the world fully formed at some mysterious and unexpected moment.”

She continued, There is a lot of jazz at the core.

Solange was extremely detailed about its sound emphasizing the “electronic and hip-hop drum and bass” to “bang and make your trunk rattle.”

She also told the Times the record “will be warm, fluid, and more sensual than her last one.”

The singer appears to have several creative ideas to introduce and is very excited, concluding with:

I have this fear living in my body about releasing work,” she said. I don’t know any artist that doesn’t feel that before they hit the send button.” 

No worries, our bodies and souls are ready!

Actor Jennifer Lewis Has a Message for Kanye West: She Wants to Help Him

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Actor Jennifer Lewis broke down in tears while talking to CNN last week about Kanye West’s recent behavior.

I just feel so sorry for him,” she said.

The breakdown was in response to Mr. West’s speech at the white house that went viral. His message shocked many viewers and critics who claimed that his behavior was bizarre and a result of mental illness. In his 10-minute speech at the Oval Office, Ye shared his thoughts on prison reform and an alternate universe right before giving Trump an affectionate hug.

West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and has rapped about his depression and mental illness on a few occasions. He is known for his public rants and was hospitalized in 2016 for stress and exhaustion after several days on tour.

Part of the disorder is not wanting to tame the mania,” Lewis reported. The high is so high and it feels great, but it’s dangerous. It’s so dangerous.

Lewis said that she will try to meet with Kanye to talk about their shared experience when he returns from finishing his forthcoming album in Uganda. She stressed that people should have more compassion for mental illness.

You can’t meet those with bipolar by meeting them with rage. Trust me they’ve got more rage than you,” she said.

Lewis encourages people to take the illness more seriously.

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