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The latest season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is near with only 4 episodes left. The reunion special was taped last week and from the looks of social media and TV host Andy Cohen— A  LOT of tea was spilled and will leave us shell shocked by the conclusion of the 2-part special.

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If you’ve been watching season nine of RHOA, then you know the main focus of the show has been the accusations against Kandi and her husband Todd. The couple was accused by no other than Porsha Williams of supposedly attempting to drug and have sex with her in their “sex dungeon,” not only that but she along with Phaedra have also said that Kandi is an undercover lesbian.


The three women who used to be peas in a pod were arguing from the beginning of the special of all the accusations that were made against each other from the lesbian relationships, Porsha being around the block with Kandi’s ex Block and a few other rappers to Phaedra having a secret relationship with a man before Apollo went off to prison.

And just when you thought you heard it all— Todd reportedly dropped a huge bomb on everyone with accusing Porsha of sleeping with Apollo behind Phaedra’s back!


Todd also supposedly revealed that Frick and Frack aka Porsha and Phedra had threesomes with Apollo as well as Porsha sleeping with him solo. Of course, this is all hearsay.

With tea like this—could this be the end of Porsha and Phaedra’s friendship? That could be the case as Porsha along with the other women of RHOA attacked Phaedra about her divorce being final from Apollo and some other shenanigans that Phaedra was involved in.

*clutching my pearls*

This is tew much….smh.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the craziest season yet.

According to Straight From the A, lots more tea was spilled in regards to Sheree and her ex-husband Bob’s faux budding relationship. According to close sources, the two faked the relationship for the cameras and Bob is currently in a relationship now with someone else. Bob Whitfield did attend the reunion to discuss his relationship with Sheree and supposedly even apologized for abusing her in their past marriage.

We also get some answers in regards to Cynthia and Peter’s marriage. The two who on the show started their divorce proceedings during the season claimed to have finalized their marriage by the end of the season but that doesn’t seem to be the case as court documents have come up that the two just filed for divorce last month and it’s far from final.

During filming, it seems as though Peter walked off set during a line of questioning that was not to his liking in regards to his divorce but it’s being rumored that Peter actually had an emotional breakdown but Peter is refuting these claims.

And if you’re wondering if there was any tea spilled about Kenya, it doesn’t seem as though Kenya didn’t have any outrageous claims at the moment during the special but that doesn’t mean that Kenya didn’t have her fair share of drama as we all know with her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan who put the former Miss USA on blast constantly on social media over the past season.

So what can we look forward to in the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta season nine reunion special?

Lots of drama…lots of spilled tea…broken friendships…catty fighting and a possible emotional breakdown.

This and so much more when the special airs in April.

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