Hip Hop artist, actor and motivator, Rfd Pioneer is definitely making his mark in the entertainment industry. From his captivating sound to his in-your-face delivery, you will definitely be intrigued by this Young OG.

Rfd Pioneer has always had a passion for music, but there was one thing keeping him from success—his weight. He realized this harsh reality after visiting with a music executive at Interscope Records.

I heard your music, thank you for your consistent effort, but why haven’t you generated that effort with your appearance. You won’t be productive with the route you’re taking,” the record executive stated.

Not the one to give up, Rfd Pioneer decided to make a lifestyle change. He dropped 215 pounds and is now pursing his dreams.

His latest single Y.O.G. (Young OG’s) from his EP, XStraightDays, is heating up the airways. The song has a high energy beat and a chorus that you will certainly remember.

Listen to the song below!

This Young OG is definitely working hard. Besides motivating people to pursue healthy lifestyles and releasing hot music, Rfd Pioneer is also an actor. He has landed roles in films such as Get Hard, Jurassic World, The Fantastic 4 and more.

Rfd pioneer is hosting a “Feed the State, Feed the City” event at Battlefield Park in Jackson, MS on February 21.

This is an event I created to thank the OGs because without their guidance and wisdom, we couldn’t learn the game, making us Young OGs,” RFD Pioneer said.  “This event was also created to let our foundation know that if we tend to the wall and groundwork, we will forever be strong!

Spoken like a true OG! Be sure to follow Rfd Pioneer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @rfdpioneer.

Written by: Ericka Smith, Entertainment Editor


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