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Photo Credit: Spencer Brennan and Lara Solanki/Codeblack Films
Photo Credit: Spencer Brennan and Lara Solanki/Codeblack Films

Not everything has to be perfect to be good which is why The Perfect Match is absolutely a film worth going to see. It told a refreshing story that’s not repeatedly conveyed, a loud or on the big screen, but lived out by many people. It’s not your typical romance film but you can expect a whole lot of it with stars Terrence J and Cassie providing some pretty sensual & steamy scenes. The amateur acting of rapper French Montana and reality TV star and designer Draya Michele was pleasingly accompanied by acting veterans Lauren London, Donald Faison and fan favorite Dascha Polanco, who all brought laughs, new personalities and real life topics to life.

There were some scenes that seemed to be rehearsed but overall they didn’t take away from the weight of the film and the story it was telling. Charlie Mack (Terrence Jenkins) is a successful agent who believes that he’s just not the marrying type. Never having been in a real relationship, and with his best friend’s (Robert Christopher Riley) wedding on the rise, he’s challenged to put his feelings on the line when he meets Eva (Cassie Ventura), who gave a very saccharine performance. These two have an undeniable connection but when one forgets the rules of the relationship, things go south; but then it doesn’t, with life having a way of smoothing out even the toughest of situations.

Photo Credit: Codeblack Films
Photo Credit: Codeblack Films

Directed by Billie Woodruff (Beauty Shop, Addicted), this sexy and refreshing film conveys a tale of friendship, family and loss, and the road to recovery uniquely written by Brandon Broussard, Gary Hardwick and Dana Verde. Paula Patton does a great job at being her perky self, producing the film and starring as the main character’s oldest sibling. Brandy gave a quick but cute cameo as a fretful rising pop star and Robin Givens also plays a small part as the overzealous wedding planner. The hilariously surprising performance in this film, hands down, goes to Casper Smart (yea, J. Lo’s ex boo-thang)!

During its opening weekend, the film brought in 4.2 million. I’m not the type of movie critic to give away a movie when reviewing, so I encourage you instead to go check out this film and come back and share your thoughts and how you felt about it.  Oh, and if you want my opinion, I give this film 3 ½ out of 5 stars.

Checkout the trailer below.

Written by: Melody Lanei


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