[Photograph]. Mo'Nique Performing. M. Caulfield/ Wire Images/ Getty Images. Retrieved on 4/4/16.
Mo’Nique Performing. M. Caulfield/ Wire Images/ Getty Images.
We know you didn’t forget when actress and comedian Mo’nique hosted the 2004 BET Awards.

Not only did she host the show, she had everyone watching in tears from laughter with her phat girl rendition of Beyoncé’s classic hit, “Crazy in Love.”

 Mo’nique opened the show with what turned out to be one of memorable acts in the award show’s history. Taking the stage to show the world that she too, could shake it like Beyoncé, Mo‘ left us all in awe.

To say the least, Mo’nique and her dancers brought Beyoncé and the entire auditorium to their feet as they worked it out to famous phrase uh-oh, uh-oh.”

Check out this classic performance below:

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Written by: Britney Norris



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